Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick Or Treat

Last Friday was my church's Halloween Trick or Treat party. We had fun dressing up and going door to door getting lots of candy, which Devon and I ended up eating cause Alex's not into the sweet stuff yet. Today is Halloween. I've never really been into Halloween, but now that I have Alex it makes it more fun. Tuesday Alex and I both had the flu. Luckily we are feeling better and are now ready for some Trick or Treating fun and maybe some scary movies tonight when the kid is a sleep. Does anyone have any Halloween traditons? Just thought I'd get some ideas. We drove around for about a hour an a half to a few houses to get some candy, that was about all Alex would allow then he wanted to go home plus Devon had to go to work. He is now working the night shift 10pm to 6am. He likes it cause he's a night owl . It's nice to have him home in the daytime so we can go do things around town if we want to.
During the week we stay pretty busy. Mondays I take Alex to Occupational Therapy, Tuesday is Physical Therapy and Thursday Speech Therapy. Last week we took Alex to a Genetic Doctor so he could get some blood drawn. They wanted to check his chromosomes to see if theres anything that might be causing Alex's slow development delay. We havent gotten the results back yet but will be sure to keep everyone updated when we find out more. Alex's Developmental Specialist also wants our little boy to have a couple other tests done like a MRI and a EEG, to check to see if he might be having unknown seizures that also could cause a developmental delay but we havent scheduled those yet. I feel bad to have to put Alex through all these things but hopefully it will help him progress in things he should be doing now. Alex is 19 months old and the doctors say he is at a 7 month level.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's Fall Season Time

We Just watched the movie"Made Of Honor" yesterday, it was really cute. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend seeing it. Well I'm thinking it's starting to be BUG Fall season cause we found a big Cockroach in Alex's bath tub, which my husband was brave enough to catch it and kill it outside. Georgia has big bugs! Okay in the first place I hate MOTHS and absolutely are afraid of them so Alex and were going to run some errands so I locked our apartment door and when I turned around right next to me on the wall was a giant MOTH no kidding it was the size of my hand thats how big it was. We walked slowly by it not to disturb it and I was trying really hard not to freak out but we survived. I don't do well with bugs or any creepy things that move.

An air-force buddy that my husband Devon works with was having a barbecue so we went. I'm not a meat eater so I fixed me a pickle & cheese sandwich. It may sound like a weird combination but its actually pretty good. After I decided to go shopping for a Halloween costume for Alex and found a cute samari ninja outfit at Old Navy, which was marked 40% off, it was a great deal so I had to get it. I took Alex to his 18 month Dr. checkup and he had to get his shots. It's so hard to see kids get their shots cause they are so happy and dont know whats about to happen to them. Then their cute little smiles turn to screams and cries. At least they forget about it. All is good though. Devon has a bad cold so Alex and I are trying really hard not to get it by spraying everything with Lysol and taking that herbal AirBourne formula. Hopefully we'll be able to keep the cold bugs away from us.