Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Little Birthday Boy!

Alex at 1 year old
Alexander's 1st Birthday!

Alex's 2nd Birthday!
Alex now 2 years old!

Happy Birthday Alexander!! My April Fool's baby! He actually did fool us cause my water broke and I started to have slight contractions on March 30th so I got to watch general conference in the hospital and then at 2:48 a.m. on April 1st 2007, our little Alexander Neil Belliston came into our lives. It's amazing how much kids change in just a year time. We decided to do a quiet birthday with just the 3 of us this year. Alex still not into the whole birthday stuff yet. He had one bite of his Pablo Backyardigan's cake and that was all he wanted. He's not really into the sweet stuff mostly just wants Veggies and Fruits. I wish I could be a healthy eater like him but I like Chocolate to much. Alexander has only been 2 yrs old a week but he's got down the terrible two's perfectly. I think that something clicks on in their cute little brains so when they turn 2 yrs old it says okay now it's time to start throwing tantrums, whinnying, stomping around, throwing things, begin with all the kicking and high pitch screaming and everything else. I think I realize why people call it the terrible two's, now that I'm experiencing it. Anyone want to borrow a 2 yr old for a little while?? No I'd miss him to much. Alex has been such a blessing and Joy in our life even with all the stress and challenges we're facing. I Love You Alexander! Everything is going pretty good with us. We send our hugs and kisses out to anyone who needs them. Love ya'll!