Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Little Sunshine!

Here's whats been going on with our little family the last couple weeks. My hubby Devon got his wisdom teeth pulled so he had a sore mouth for a few days but it got worse & found out he got a dry socket which caused him to be in extreme pain but he's doing great now with pain medicine. Alex had a little cold plus with him teething he was my little grumpy bear.

On the news the other day they had mentioned that Russia attacked Georgia. But it wasn't Georgia State,it was actually Georgia the country which I think is south of Russia. My sister in-law called worried that it was here where we are at, wondering if we were okay. Devon being the big tease he is went along with it & was making up all sorts of things that were happening. So we had fun & a big laugh about it. But really nothing exciting like that would happen here because we are living here. There's this thing with us that where ever we live or go on vacation, pretty much everything stays normal until after we leave thats when we'll hear on the news later that there's been a Hurricane or Earth Quake or a Tornado where we were just at. I'm a very adventurous person & never have experienced stuff like that so I think it would be exciting & a interesting experience to go thru something like that.

This weekend I'll be taking off to Canada for one week & bringing my mom back with me so she will be here with me when I get my surgery done to help take care of Alex. Love you all & have fun. This picture was taken in April & is the most recent photo of us three.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Car Trouble!!

On Monday we got a new addition to our family, a 2002 Toyota Echo for my hubby Dev to drive to & from the military base for work everyday. It was getting tough just havin one car & sharing it. We got it just in time cause our Honda started having problems, making noises & almost died
on us in the middle of the highway. We had it towed to the shop & found out it was the Alternator, it cost us $500 plus they said there is 4 other things wrong with it which will cost us $1200.00. to fix it. YIKES!!

Visit to the Doctor

I saw my ENT doctor last week and was told I have 'Septal Deviation' (nasal airway obstruction). The doctor recommended surgery. So I'll be getting nose surgery. No Fun! Has anyone had surgery before? I'm extremly nervous being my 1st surgery ever, but it will help me to breath better and actually be able to sleep at night. My surgery is not until Sept. 3rd.

Monday, July 21, 2008

YAY I've been Tagged!

Six Random Things About Me......

1) I have a phobia of MOTHS!! I will seriously freak out if I see any near me, sometimes I even start hyperventalating cause it scares me so bad.

2) Gruesome injurys fascinate me. For example my hubby got a bad cut on his ear shaving and I asked him if he was bleeding & when he said yes I got excited an had to run in to see wut it looked like.

3) I have sprained my wrist,ankle,my pinky toe,my index finger, my ribs and lots more but I've never had one broken bone my whole life.

4) I Love Roller Coasters and also watching scary movies in the dark.

5) I was attacked by 2 Chiwauwa dogs,growling and bitting my ankles.

6) My dream is to go to Italy and ride one of those gondola boats and see all the sites.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hello family & friends,

I finally got around to creating a blog for my little family. We've been busy with moving to a new place. Trying to get everything unpacked and put away in our apartment here in Georgia. We've been enjoying the hot & humid weather plus Augusta is a pretty place, its very green with lots of trees and lakes. This last Saturday Devon & I took our little boy Alex to his 1st swimming lessons. Alex is our little fish, he loves splashing and kicking in the water. New things our little Alex can do.....he is starting to stand by himself just for a few minutes and he is trying to crawl, he creeps along the floor which is an improvement. We were starting to get worried with him being 15 months old and him not walking or crawling yet but he's slowly goin at his own pace. Which is fun watching him learn new things. Now that Alex has decided to move around more we need to start baby proofing the house. Tomorrow I have to go meet with my ENT(ears,nose & throat) doctor to figure out how to control my Asthma. It would be nice to be able to breathe more normally. Well thats all for now.