Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Pictures!

Alex playing checkers with his cousins Making crafts with the family
Alex playing his own kind of music piece
Playing the game Sequence with Devon's Family

Devon with his brothers and sister

Alex excited to see what santa will bring him

Alex exhausted from all the excitement and attention

Here is just a few more pictures we took on Christmas day. We Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas in Utah

We are now back in warm sunny Georgia after a nice week in a half vacation to see family and friends in Utah for Christmas. We had a blast spending time with the family singing Christmas songs, eating lots of food, playing with all the nephews and nieces,there was about 35 people in one house, building a 9 foot tall Snowman, seeing the movie 7 pounds, visiting friends with new babies, and enjoying the snowy weather and big mountains. It was so nice to catch up on whats happening with everyone in the family. We wandered about Alex being overwhelmed with all the people, there was probably about 35 people including kids in one house. But Alex did great, He loved the attention and loved running around with all his cousins. It took us 1 1/2 hour to build the snowman but it was fun.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Wut's Been Goin On With Us...

I haven't had much to blog about lately but here's the update on whats been going on with us the past 2 weeks... We had a couple of visitors, Devon's dad and step mom stayed with us for one day. We enjoyed watching the BYU vs UTAH football game together, dinner, and talking about good times. It was a quick visit but it was really nice to see family and spend some time with them. They even brought alex a new toy a Jack in the box, Alex was so excited to play with it. Devon, Alexander, and I went over to our friend Navy Adam's house. It was fun. They have a little farm with chickens, pigs, goats, cats and a big yard to run around in. Alex enjoyed walking around looking at all the different animals and playing with Adam's 7 month old little girl Cassie. We took Alex to see Santa even though it was pouring down rain outside. We walked over to the Apartment Manager's office where they had a pretty decorated Christmas tree and Santa sitting in a big chair letting little kids come sit on his lap. We usually go to the mall and get pictures with santa there but this year we were lucky to be able to take our own pictures, plus it was Free. I'm always up for free stuff. Santa even told Devon And I that we are never to old to sit on Santa's lap so we even joined in the fun by getting our picture with santa. Santa had a real beard too. This coming weekend we are looking forward to flying back to our hometown in Logan Utah for Christmas. It will be great to see family and friends. I'll end our blog with pictures. I hope that ya'll have a wonderful Christmas Holiday and a very Happy New Year! Be Safe and remember what the true meaning of Christmas is all about. We love Ya'll and have a Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Thanksgiving Tag

Hello everybody,
I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving with your family and friends. I thought I'd start a Tag. Thanksgiving is a time to think of what we are thankful for so here's the tag....

What are 5 things you are thankful for.......

1) I am so thankful to have the true gospel in my life and to be a member of the church of Jesus christ of latterday saints.

2) I'm thankful for my Family and Friends. We appreciate all the love and support that ya'll have given.

3) I'm thankful for Life and this beautiful world God created for us to live on.

4) I'm thankful for my husband Devon being able to be in the Air-Force. The military has great benefits by paying for all our medical bills and my little boy Alexander's therapys. We wouldn't be able to afford all that stuff by ourselves.

5) I'm thankful for my nice warm home to live in to keep me out of the cold outside and I'm thankful that my hubby and I both have a car to drive where ever we need to go.

There is so many things to be Thankful for. I'd like to tag my friends, Becky, Valerie, Cheryl and Christina and anyone else who wants to write what their Thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving to Ya'll. Have a wonderful Holiday and weekend! Love Ya!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Look What I can do!

Hey Everyone,
I just had to share this cute new video of my little boy Alexander. In the evening on Tuesday November 18th Alex walked all by himself for the 1st time. We as his parents are so proud of him. Alex being 19 1/2 years old is now able to walk and get into everything he can. I hope you enjoy it!

Monday, November 17, 2008

It's Cold!

I think it is finally starting to feel like winter here in Georgia. Last night it got down in the 30's which is cold for here. Our Heater for some reason isn't working right, its blowing cool air out of the vents instead of heat like it should be. I'm gonna have to call the maintenance people to come fix the heater before we all freeze. Wouldn't it be nice to have warm sunny weather all year round. I sure would like that. It's time to get out our winter clothes, curl up on the couch with a blanket and a nice cup of hot chocolate. This coming weekend Devon's dad & step mom are coming for a visit. Hooray for family. It can get pretty lonely living so far away from family & friends. We've only been in Georgia for 5 1/2 months now and most of the friends we've made are military so they come and go. We are loving the military life, it has great benifits. The air-force is paying for all of Alexander's therapy and tests so that helps out a lot. My husband Devon works in Network Intelligence, which he enjoys but just doesn't like his new hours he works 2pm till 12 midnight, so that doesn't leave him much time to do much other than just sleep. Thats all for now.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick Or Treat

Last Friday was my church's Halloween Trick or Treat party. We had fun dressing up and going door to door getting lots of candy, which Devon and I ended up eating cause Alex's not into the sweet stuff yet. Today is Halloween. I've never really been into Halloween, but now that I have Alex it makes it more fun. Tuesday Alex and I both had the flu. Luckily we are feeling better and are now ready for some Trick or Treating fun and maybe some scary movies tonight when the kid is a sleep. Does anyone have any Halloween traditons? Just thought I'd get some ideas. We drove around for about a hour an a half to a few houses to get some candy, that was about all Alex would allow then he wanted to go home plus Devon had to go to work. He is now working the night shift 10pm to 6am. He likes it cause he's a night owl . It's nice to have him home in the daytime so we can go do things around town if we want to.
During the week we stay pretty busy. Mondays I take Alex to Occupational Therapy, Tuesday is Physical Therapy and Thursday Speech Therapy. Last week we took Alex to a Genetic Doctor so he could get some blood drawn. They wanted to check his chromosomes to see if theres anything that might be causing Alex's slow development delay. We havent gotten the results back yet but will be sure to keep everyone updated when we find out more. Alex's Developmental Specialist also wants our little boy to have a couple other tests done like a MRI and a EEG, to check to see if he might be having unknown seizures that also could cause a developmental delay but we havent scheduled those yet. I feel bad to have to put Alex through all these things but hopefully it will help him progress in things he should be doing now. Alex is 19 months old and the doctors say he is at a 7 month level.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's Fall Season Time

We Just watched the movie"Made Of Honor" yesterday, it was really cute. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend seeing it. Well I'm thinking it's starting to be BUG Fall season cause we found a big Cockroach in Alex's bath tub, which my husband was brave enough to catch it and kill it outside. Georgia has big bugs! Okay in the first place I hate MOTHS and absolutely are afraid of them so Alex and were going to run some errands so I locked our apartment door and when I turned around right next to me on the wall was a giant MOTH no kidding it was the size of my hand thats how big it was. We walked slowly by it not to disturb it and I was trying really hard not to freak out but we survived. I don't do well with bugs or any creepy things that move.

An air-force buddy that my husband Devon works with was having a barbecue so we went. I'm not a meat eater so I fixed me a pickle & cheese sandwich. It may sound like a weird combination but its actually pretty good. After I decided to go shopping for a Halloween costume for Alex and found a cute samari ninja outfit at Old Navy, which was marked 40% off, it was a great deal so I had to get it. I took Alex to his 18 month Dr. checkup and he had to get his shots. It's so hard to see kids get their shots cause they are so happy and dont know whats about to happen to them. Then their cute little smiles turn to screams and cries. At least they forget about it. All is good though. Devon has a bad cold so Alex and I are trying really hard not to get it by spraying everything with Lysol and taking that herbal AirBourne formula. Hopefully we'll be able to keep the cold bugs away from us.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I have been a real slacker for not posting so I'll try tobe better. Here's whats been happening with the Bellistons. A few weeks a go Alex & I flew up to Alberta Canada to visit my sister Jen for a week. It was really nice to be with family. Got to see their new house, go to a huge mall where we rode on a carousel, went to a swiming pool & just relaxed/Hung out with the family. When I returned home here in Georgia, my mom Shirley returned with me cause in a few days lator I had Septoplasty Surgery to fix my Deviated Septum. The surgery went great. I had an excellent ENT Doctor. I was told that after the surgery my face would be bruised, swelled up & have racoon eyes but I had none of those. Now that I got my stitches & splints out I can breath so much better it's like I have a brand new nose. Just wanted to share a few pictures from the trip.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Little Sunshine!

Here's whats been going on with our little family the last couple weeks. My hubby Devon got his wisdom teeth pulled so he had a sore mouth for a few days but it got worse & found out he got a dry socket which caused him to be in extreme pain but he's doing great now with pain medicine. Alex had a little cold plus with him teething he was my little grumpy bear.

On the news the other day they had mentioned that Russia attacked Georgia. But it wasn't Georgia State,it was actually Georgia the country which I think is south of Russia. My sister in-law called worried that it was here where we are at, wondering if we were okay. Devon being the big tease he is went along with it & was making up all sorts of things that were happening. So we had fun & a big laugh about it. But really nothing exciting like that would happen here because we are living here. There's this thing with us that where ever we live or go on vacation, pretty much everything stays normal until after we leave thats when we'll hear on the news later that there's been a Hurricane or Earth Quake or a Tornado where we were just at. I'm a very adventurous person & never have experienced stuff like that so I think it would be exciting & a interesting experience to go thru something like that.

This weekend I'll be taking off to Canada for one week & bringing my mom back with me so she will be here with me when I get my surgery done to help take care of Alex. Love you all & have fun. This picture was taken in April & is the most recent photo of us three.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Car Trouble!!

On Monday we got a new addition to our family, a 2002 Toyota Echo for my hubby Dev to drive to & from the military base for work everyday. It was getting tough just havin one car & sharing it. We got it just in time cause our Honda started having problems, making noises & almost died
on us in the middle of the highway. We had it towed to the shop & found out it was the Alternator, it cost us $500 plus they said there is 4 other things wrong with it which will cost us $1200.00. to fix it. YIKES!!

Visit to the Doctor

I saw my ENT doctor last week and was told I have 'Septal Deviation' (nasal airway obstruction). The doctor recommended surgery. So I'll be getting nose surgery. No Fun! Has anyone had surgery before? I'm extremly nervous being my 1st surgery ever, but it will help me to breath better and actually be able to sleep at night. My surgery is not until Sept. 3rd.

Monday, July 21, 2008

YAY I've been Tagged!

Six Random Things About Me......

1) I have a phobia of MOTHS!! I will seriously freak out if I see any near me, sometimes I even start hyperventalating cause it scares me so bad.

2) Gruesome injurys fascinate me. For example my hubby got a bad cut on his ear shaving and I asked him if he was bleeding & when he said yes I got excited an had to run in to see wut it looked like.

3) I have sprained my wrist,ankle,my pinky toe,my index finger, my ribs and lots more but I've never had one broken bone my whole life.

4) I Love Roller Coasters and also watching scary movies in the dark.

5) I was attacked by 2 Chiwauwa dogs,growling and bitting my ankles.

6) My dream is to go to Italy and ride one of those gondola boats and see all the sites.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hello family & friends,

I finally got around to creating a blog for my little family. We've been busy with moving to a new place. Trying to get everything unpacked and put away in our apartment here in Georgia. We've been enjoying the hot & humid weather plus Augusta is a pretty place, its very green with lots of trees and lakes. This last Saturday Devon & I took our little boy Alex to his 1st swimming lessons. Alex is our little fish, he loves splashing and kicking in the water. New things our little Alex can do.....he is starting to stand by himself just for a few minutes and he is trying to crawl, he creeps along the floor which is an improvement. We were starting to get worried with him being 15 months old and him not walking or crawling yet but he's slowly goin at his own pace. Which is fun watching him learn new things. Now that Alex has decided to move around more we need to start baby proofing the house. Tomorrow I have to go meet with my ENT(ears,nose & throat) doctor to figure out how to control my Asthma. It would be nice to be able to breathe more normally. Well thats all for now.