Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fall/Halloween 2009

For a little family together time we went to Fort Gordon Army base where they were having a OctoberFest so we went to check it out. They had a Flea market & a mini carnival right by each other. We didn't go on any rides but it was fun to walk around plus get some Carmel Apples to snack on (Yummy). I've never really been into Halloween but having a kid makes it more fun being able to dress up & go Trick or Treating. We decided to go to our church's Halloween party, there was lots of little games for the little kids to play and trick or treating door to door inside cause it was to cold to do a trunk or treat outside. It was neat to see all the different costumes and ideas people had. The Weather decided to make it rain on Halloween Day so there wasn't too many people out, luckily it stopped for a hour so we weren't completly wet. When we returned home with our load of candy,we dumped out Alex's Elmo bucket. Alex sat down by all the candy and threw a side all the chocolate and picked out the suckers and gummy candies and ran off with them so his mommy/daddy couldn't have them. Alex doesn't like chocolate so I'm happy to eat the chocolate leftovers. Overall we had a good time and we're now looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas Time. Happy Holidays to Ya'll! Angel Emilee, My little Indian Boy Alex and Devon as Indiana Jones