Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Giggles

I just thought this was so cute. I love listening to Alex Laugh, I hope this Brighten's your day!

Hi Ya'll

I'm sorry I haven't been very good with updating our blog for a while, My busy weeks have become extremely busy. My little boy Alex and I are hardly at home, only to Eat, Nap, sometimes able to clean house, and then bedtime. We spend most our days running around to Alexander's therapys. I always look forward to Saturdays cause that is my only day off to stay at home,Relax and do nothing but sing and play with Alex. Devon recently took a big test that he's been studying for awhile that deals with his line of work and he passed it. Hooray!! His Air-Force supervisor had told him that it he failed the test he would only have 1 more time to take it and if he failed it the 2nd time they would boot him out of the US. AF. So we are so glad he passed the test and doesn't have to worry about taking another one until 2 years.

On one of Dev's day off we decided to take Alex to a place called Monkey Joes. Alex liked going down the slides & running around.There was a little car he climbed into that with 50 cents would move back & forth , he loved that. He cried when we finally had to pry his fingers loose to get him out so another kid could take a turn. Alex even got to met Monkey Joe when a person dressed as a purple monkey came out to greet the kids. It was a fun place, I'm thinking of having Alexander's 3rd birthday party there, he seemed to really enjoy it. Here are a few pictures..