Monday, July 13, 2009

Americus, Ga .Trip

We are back from our short trip, but everything went really well. Alex didn't get car sick probably cause we stopped often. We stayed two nights in Americus Georgia. Our hotel room was right by the pool so we were able to go swimming which I think was Alex's favorite part. He's my little fish, loves the water. We arrived a day before Alex's doctor's appointment so we could just relax after a 4 hour drive & go see some sites. Here is some history stuff we learned about our trip to Americus Georgia. It is the home of the former President Jimmy Carter,It has the Civil War prison site in Andersonville was open in February 1864 and only in operation for 14 months. During this time more than 45,000 Union Soldiers were confined in the 26-acre stockade. Of these, almost 13,000 died of diease or poor sanitation.
We went to the Habitat for Humanity International Discovery Center, They had full-sized models of Habitat houses from around the world. It was quite interesting but It really made me think how blessed & thankful I am for the home we live in and everything we have. We were told we had to go see the Windsor Hotel so when we got there it was really neat. The Windsor Hotel was built in 1892 it is believed to be haunted by 3 friendly ghosts, a house keeper and her little girl who were pushed down the elevator shaft and the doorman who supposively haunt the 3rd floor of the hotel. The front desk person told us the ghost hunters from the tv show came to there hotel and filmed some stuff, the ghost hunter also said they did feel a presence and saw ghostly imaged on there screens. We explored the 3rd floor but didn't see anything.
We took Alex to his Developmental specialist doctor, to me it was mainly a follow up visit and update him on everything that's going on with Alex and overall his Doc said Alex is still to young to diagnois anything,usually you can tell more once they are in the age group 3-5yrs. The doc said to continue with all Alex's therapies and that Alex shows signs of having Mild Autism which with therapy could just wear off the older he gets. I HOPE! We are all doing good, it just can get extremly stressful & overwhelming at times. I'll put some pictures of our trip on my next post.